Final Theses

If you are interested in doing a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis in our group, please contact a staff member by mail or simply come to our offices!

Current Topics

Topics are always a subject to change and depend on the current ongoing research in our group. In order to get an idea for potential topics, please have a look in our research section. Of course, you are very welcome to contribute your own wishes and ideas for thesis topics.

Recently Finished Works

To get a feeling of how topics at our group look like and which areas are of interest at the moment, here is a list of finished theses of the last 12 months:

  • Steering Feature Usage During Neural Network Model Training by Jan Blunk (Master thesis, 2023)
  • Size Models for Fine-grained Species Recognition by Dominic Wild (Bachelor thesis, 2023)
  • Transformer-based Gap Filling for Multivariate Timeseries by Justus Meyer zu Bexten (Bachelor thesis, 2023)
  • Facial Symmetry Analysis using Estimated 3D Facial Landmarks by Omar Alali (Bachelor thesis, 2022)
  • Self-Attention Mechanisms for the Classification of Dermoscopic Images by Tristan Piater (Bachelor thesis, 2022)
  • Anomaly Detection in Camera Trap Images by Felix Kleinsteuber (Bachelor thesis, 2022)