Two Features in Regional Television

Recently, regional television channel MDR visited us to record two features for the TV news show “MDR Thüringen Journal“. While being shot independent of each other, they both cover aspects of our research in Jena.

Generating Images using AI

In the feature “KI schafft neue Ansichten von Jena” Niklas Penzel has been interviewed on the highly relevant subject of AI image generators. The segment (~2min) covers a short explaination of how they work (example: Stable Diffusion) and what they are currently capable of. Additonally, negative side effects (e.g. fake images) are discussed and how adding watermarks can be helpful in distinguishing real photographs from artificially created ones.

This video is in German only. It is availabe online for a limited amount of time on the webpage of the MDR. It can also be found in the MDR Mediathek.

Link: Video on MDR webpage

German Bureaucracy Driving Away Researchers

The second segment (~3min) called “Zu hohe Bürokratie-Hürden: Personalengpass in Thüringer Spitzeforschung” covers an important issue when it comes to attracting scientists from around the world to do research in Germany. Sajjad Ahmad is talking about why he is leaving his fully-funded PhD position in our group only 6 months after starting. His wife has to wait two years to get a visa appointment at the German embassy. Instead, he found a new position in the Netherlands, where these topics were handled swiftly.

This video is in German only. It is also available for a limited amount of time online and in the MDR Mediathek.

Link: Video on MDR webpage