ELLIS Unit Jena Kick-off Recap

A couple of weeks ago on January 12th, 2023 the official Kick-Off event of ELLIS Unit Jena (European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems, ELLIS) took place. It was a whole day of scientific talks, discussions and introductions celebrating this occasion.

Many computer science researchers of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, as well as researchers of the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry and the Institute for Data Science of the German Aerospace Center in Jena came together to be part of the event. In addition, scientists related to biodiversity research, remote sensing, environmental science and computer science from all over Germany came to Jena. As part of the scientific program, there were contributions from other European cities like Cambridge, Copenhagen and Valencia! One of the highlights of the day was certainly the capstone talk by Turing Award winner Yoshua Bengio, who joined the event virtually from Montréal, Canada!

You can find some visual impressions of the event as well as the complete program with links to all speakers and their presentations here. Additionally, there is a short video summarising the day, which can be found here.