Four papers accepted at GCPR 2021

Four papers from our group have been accepted for publication at the DAGM German Conference for Pattern Recognition (DAGM-GCPR) 2021:

  • Dimitri Korsch and Paul Bodesheim and Joachim Denzler:
    End-to-end Learning of Fisher Vector Encodings for Part Features in Fine-grained Recognition
  • Matthias Körschens and Paul Bodesheim and Christine Römermann and Solveig Franziska Bucher and Mirco Migliavacca and Josephine Ulrich and Joachim Denzler:
    Weakly Supervised Segmentation Pretraining for Plant Cover Prediction
  • Niklas Penzel and Christian Reimers and Clemens-Alexander Brust and Joachim Denzler:
    Investigating the Consistency of Uncertainty Sampling in Deep Active Learning
  • Christian Reimers and Paul Bodesheim and Jakob Runge and Joachim Denzler:
    Conditional Adversarial Debiasing: Towards Learning Unbiased Classifiers from Biased Data

The conference will be held online as a virtual event from September 28th to October 1st, 2021.